The Company was formed in 2003, is a Nevada Corporation, and is now poised to be the leader in the tourism industry. Semisub, Inc. was developed to design, build, own, sell, and operate a fleet of semi-submersible vessels for tourist locations worldwide. The planned location for its flagship vessel, Semisub One, is Kewalo Basin Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Because of its large tourist population that is consistent throughout Hawaii, Kewalo Basin Harbor is an ideal location from which to operate Semisub One.

The concept is to build semi-submersible vessels according to plans developed by Curtiss Jackson, owner and CEO of Semisub, Inc. Mr. Jackson's patented and copyrighted plans were developed and assigned to Semisub, Inc. in order to build the new Semisub One vessel. His proprietary design will allow Semisub One's 150(max) passengers the unique opportunity of viewing sea life through patented glass windows, as they sit submerged in a comfortable and safe setting. During the tour, passengers will also have unlimited access to the vessel's two upper main surface decks, which feature a full bar, lounge, and dining room.